Comics and the Curriculum

Why Comics? What you need to know.

A brief look at how comics can relate to the different stages of learning as presented by Kieran Egan in his book The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding.

Comic Book Lessons

These lesson are based on specific comic books and series to teach the material. The lessons are designed as exercises in writing, critical thinking, presentation skills, and understanding the writing process.

Spiderman: A Marvel ongoing series
The lessons within are based on the comics produced by Marvel Comics, more specifically it’s ongoing series of The Amazing Spiderman.

Hellboy: A Dark Horse ongoing series
Hellboy is an ongoing series created by Mike Mignola for Dark Horse Entertainment. The lessons are based around world cultures, an exploration into folklore, and the writing and research of history.

Superman/Batman Alternate Histories
Superman/Batman Alternate Histories
Publisher: DC Elseworlds This is a collection of stories that feature various forms of Batman and Superman in different periods of time. The look at how things might have been different by addressing cause and effect.

Non Specific Comic Book Lessons

These lessons that do not require a specific comic book needed to teach the material. The lessons are designed as exercises in critical thinking, impromptu writing, and are meant to aid students in understanding (through practice) writing as a process.Skills: Writing, Reading for a purpose, and Critical Thinking.

Creating your own comic book:

In my spare time (of which their is increasingly little), I am a writer for a self-published independent comic book. What I have included here are the steps that we take in creating our comic.Content Areas: Writing, Drawing, Computer Skills, Research, Marketing, and Web page design.

Resources & Additional Information

Additional information including terms, links, etc…

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