Geometric Drawing

Introductory Constructions

This artistic exploration of simple geometric truths gets students hooked on both geometry and art. They are simple, fun assignments–but clear and methodological instructions are essential for success. Take the students step-by-step through each construction and allow them to color them according to the patterns they see.

Six-petaled Flower

The Six-petaled Flower  is a good one to start with, as it is simple, elegant, and the entire thing can be derived from a single radius.

Six-division of a Circle

Great for following-up on the six-petaled flower, this one brings in the use of a straight edge.

Twelve-division of a Circle
Twenty-four-petaled Flower
Square Study
Circle Study

Geometrical Construction in Thread

 Students find great satisfaction in constructing geometric forms using colored thread. They could do any of the lined forms, but the more complex the form is, the more beautiful the result. This example is of a twenty-four division; but other forms, parabolic envelopes for instance, could be just as impressive.

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