Grid Maps

Teacher’s Model of the 13 Colonies

Step 1 - Grid Map

Done in white and colored chalk. Get some colored chalk. It’s marvelous.

Stage 1: Student Work

Step 2 - Grid Map

Step 3 - Grid Map

Step 4 - Grid Map

Notice the grid, numbered and lettered for easy reference.

Stage 2: Adding Contours

Step 5 - Grid Map

With colored pencil.

Stage 3: The Complete Map

Step 6 - Grid Map

Step 7 - Grid Map

France at the Time of Joan of Arc


Work of a seventh grader. Done in colored pencil.

Voyages of Discovery

Trade Routes Map

Here is a very fine map of the entire world featuring the voyages of Columbus, Da Gama, Magellan, and Marco Polo. Done by a seventh grader in colored pencil and pen.

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