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The Comic Strip – This is the average two to five panel cartoon that can be found in a variety of print like magazines and newspapers.

The Comic Book – This is a story that is told over several pages (usually 24) and be received as a single issue story or be part of a larger story arc that is delivered usually on a monthly basis.

The Trade Paper Back (TPB) – This is a collection of a series of comic books. Usually they contain a completed story arc (6 issues bound together as 1) or it may contain one shot single-issue stories all done by the same creators.

The Graphic Novel – This is a story that meets the criteria for a novel only it is done with the use of illustration and traditional comic book organization. These books often are150+ pages and are a self-contained story.


Comic Companies’ Links

Marvel Comics

DC Comics


Dark Horse Comics


Kieran Egan (author of The Educated Mind How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding)

Micharl Chabon (author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay)

Creating Your Own Comics

ComixPress – This is a print company that offers a wide range of printing possibilities at very reasonable prices.  This site is recommended if you would actually like to create an anthology of student work into a comic book form.

ComicSpace – This is a lot like myspace (it’s free) but dedicated to posting independent comics online.  In fact, student groups could easily post their work as they complete it.  It is a great site that is pretty user friendly.  My company uses it and so does the after school club that I sponsor at Fraser High School.

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