Vocabulary and Movement

El Arte Alliance Collaborative Project


Students learn by participating in the following series of learning activities:

Special Needs for Session:

Student name tags
CD player
Desks pushed back for room to move
Room to write on white or chalk board
Post It Note Pad
Markers (dry erase and permanent)

Suggested Musical Support:

Slow, open meter, atmospheric: CD – “Write to Dance”, #2
Moderate tempo, steady beat: CD – “Write to Dance,” #1

Lesson Plan:

•“Dancers, the vocabulary word that we will explore through movement today is (adjust).”
•“Who can tell us what it means to (adjust)?”
•“In the story that we read, who had to (adjust) and why?”
•“Let’s explore the ideas of (adjusting) by using movement.”
•“Let’s begin in a circle.”
•One dancer will begin moving within their own personal space for 4 beats and then freeze your body in an interesting shape that you can hold still without falling.
•The second dancer will take 4 beats to move around the first dancer, and then freeze in a shape near the first dancer, but without touching them. The shape should be almost the same – adjust or slightly change something about it (level, side, etc)
•The first dancer gets to move again. Adjust your movement so that you do not touch the second dancer. Adjust your next shape so that is similar, but not the same as the shape that the second dancer is making.
•Each of you will get (3) turns…1 then 2…1 then 2…1 then 2…Rest


Students do synthesis of movement ideas explored.

Michigan Standards/Benchmarks Addressed:

ELA Strand 1 / Content Standard 2 / Late Ele. Benchmark 4
ELA Strand 1 / Content Standard 2 / Late Ele. Benchmark 7
ELA Strand 2 / Content Standard 4 / Late Ele. Benchmark 5
ELA Strand 4 / Content Standard 8 / Late Ele. Benchmark 1

Teaching Artist: Kimberli Boyd

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