The arts are transformative tools for engaging learners.  That’s why the Institute for Arts-Infused Education training focuses on methodology and pedagogy of integrating arts across the curriculum. This teaching strategies professional development is based on the following core concepts:
  1. Inquiry-based training: Participants examine and problem-solve using hands-on experiences to achieve chosen curricular goals and are given tools to bring into their classrooms.
  2. Interactive learning: Our training creates a learning community among participants and demonstrates the process of building learning communities in classrooms.
  3. Sharing authority: These sessions help teachers uncover areas in their curriculum appropriate for sharing authority with students while reaching curricular goals and maintaining classroom order.
  4. Reflective practice: These programs demonstrate the process of integrating reflective practice in daily lesson plans, which assists in students’ deeper understanding of content.
Arts Infused Education Training

2012 Summer Intensive participants exploring Michelle & Robert Root-Bernstein “creative thinking tools.”

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