Third 90 with Michigan College Alliance

Each semester, we work with Michigan College Alliance Third 90 project which see the Institute, with 2 college students, present projects outdoors with about 70 high school students.

The program description:

“The Third 90 Network provides opportunities for urban high school students to participate directly (alongside Michigan Colleges Foundation college students and faculty) in hands-on field and lab work in environmental science and the arts.”

Past projects included:

2017                This project saw student investigate fractals found in nature. They created a Flower of Life using the ideas of fractals in nature and using items from nature that demonstrate fractals.

2016                This project focused on water issues in Flint and Detroit from the context of Detroit’s water shut-offs and the Flint water crisis. It directly correlated to another issue arising in Flint in regards to the extreme amount of bottled water being consumed and then thrown out spawning environmental implications atop the environmental justice issue in Flint already.

2015                Students looked at two artists who are doing that environmental art activist work internationally: John Dahlsen, Australian environmental artist, and El Anatsui, Nigerian found object artist one from the US, one from Nigeria, and one from Australia. Using their methods, students created their own artworks. Another project was Printmaking/rubbings. Students made rubbings of different natural objects (leaves, flowers, etc.). They were discussing natural beauty and dichomotomies. Finally, students worked on Earthworks and Found Poetry: Students produced onsite small assemblages using the natural material around them. The resultant work was included in a printed book that each student received.

2014:               Exquisite Dichotomies. This project saw students playing with the idea of dichotomies and how that relates to man-made versus natural environments by interweaving imagery from both. Later, all ephemeral, lasting a few hours, students created a temporary installation, photographed it, and digitally designed a book of their scientific and artistic experiences.

2013:              Students practiced two important skills for scientists: observation, and observation over time. The students created artwork/sculpture in the woods using the materials that was there ala Andrew Goldsworthy. Then students predicted what would happen to the work over the month gap and then observed if their predictions were true. Using photography and creative writing, students communicated their knowledge of the ecological health of the park we visited and what it meant to them.

2012:               Students were asked to create comic books by drawing their versions of the important scientific work they were doing. A comic book was then produced with the premise that the students were testing soil and water as a means to save the planet from Zoombies.

See some of our work:

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