Past Summer Intensives

The ten annual Arts Infused Education Intensives (2006-2016) delivered relevant and valuable information, methods, and artifacts to attendees. This information is gathered through my own professional practice of reviewing articles, attending conferences and remaining current with the field. Engaging with scholars in the field and the organization/delivery of applicable workshops is important service to the field in arts-infused education. Arts-infused education is a part of art education and now a solid area for artists to pursue, both scholarly and professionally. There are specific techniques and methods to master as well as history, research, best practices, and professional networks for those who practice this form of creativity. The intensives will pick up again soon! Be sure to check back for more information!

   Intensives included the following:  

2016                 Art & The Environment

 2015                Writing, Math, and Science Through the Arts in K – 5 Classrooms

2014                STeM to STeAM: Infusing the Arts in Science and Math grades K-5

2013                The Quest to Understand Humankind: Arts in the Classroom Through the Lens of Anthropology.

2012                The Art & Science of Sound

2011                Detroit and the 1920s: Which Way Forward?

2010                Comparing Farm Security Administrations’ (FSA) Depiction of the Great Depression vs Photographs of Detroit, 2010: The African American and Latino Experience During Economic Adversity.

2009                Music, Technology & Creative Education/ Music and Creative Education

2008                Arts Infused Education Training

2007                Community Arts Partnerships: Modeling Innovative Methods in English Language Arts Education

2006                Arts Infused Education Training


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